BOOK COVER REVEAL: Watching Glass Shatter

Watching Glass Shatter

I am very excited to reveal the cover of my first book — ‘Watching Glass Shatter’ — in today’s post. I thought about sending out a few teaser messages, but I’ve talked about it for a few months now… it’s time to debut! Without further ado, below is the book cover:


In the coming days, I will provide the launch date, places to purchase and the initial marketing plans. I will also share more about the selection of the cover art, explaining how and why it connects to the book. To see more, the book is listed on Goodreads at:

Please take a look and mark it ‘To Be Read’ in the coming days. Share with your friends and followers. I will have a few Giveaways on Goodreads as well as some posts to share more information with my fellow readers.  It’s very exciting and will become reality very…

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