The tyranny of opinion

I have often caught myself worrying about What the others will think of me in seemingly inappropriate situations. Besides I can not help running into bunches of How to ignore the others’ opinion self-help books and blogs around me. Actually public opinion, this paralysing yet encouraging force,  is an elaborate device to control society as conceived by John Mill in On Liberty.


Although everybody agrees that one should be allowed to take actions according to their own conviction, deeds are not urged to be as free as ideas. In order to stop the stronger characters from infringing other citizens’ rights, society must be based on strict rules of justice.

Nowadays, the major harm of legal penalties is the shameful public stigma. Opinion is as effective as law from this point of view. Criminals can be jailed or deprived of salary. For people with secure financial background and in lack of carrier aspirations, there is no real deterrence impeding the open declaration of their eccentric views. However, being „ill-thought of” or „ill-spoken of” requires a very strong character to endure.

The tyranny of custom rules all aspects of life „as justice and right mean conformity to custom”.  The rule of opinion is so powerful that it makes unconventionality a mistake. Our society’s intolerance  makes citizens hide their unorthodox beliefs and it deters them from any radical proclamation. Opinion itself is able to control the citizens’s behaviour without any capital punishment or official ban on free speach. Avoiding the disagreeable action of fine imposing or incarcerating, prevailing views can be kept safe from public counter-advice.

However, this kind of „intellectual pacification” unfortunately results in the impaired bravery of our intellect. The rule of custom has always been a barrier to human development.

Information source: John Stuart Mill On Liberty


  1. Narrow mindsets kill vision and crush talents , most of them lay buried fearing the lash of tyrranicl opinions. Aufhorities must support them to flourish . Well thought and formed piece of writing.

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    • Thanks, The source is the mentioned book. Public opinion is a real weapon, no wonder peolple have always struggled to ignore it and to liberate their own personalities. On the other hand, it is useful to curb the deviant deeds. The question is where the boundary of deviancy lies.

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      • You say that public opinion can be restrictive which is certainly true. You conclude that “the rule of custom has always been a barrier to human development.” Some customs are, however, neutral or beneficial. Table manners, for instance, developed as a way of assuring that we would not be attacked by guests (many of whom were armed). That’s all I was asking about. 🙂

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      • As I mentioned in my post theses though were written by John Mill. I found them so interesting that I have shared them.

        I suppose that there have been so many great ideas out there but being afraid of the retorsion the holders have remained silent.

        I think that all social movements could have been started earlier if the proclamers had been louder and braver earlier. Of course movements are triggered by circumstances but there is always a time gap between the discontent and the eruption of massive protests.

        Or you can think of shy colleagues or relatives who dare not utter their ideas or jokes because there are afraid of being mocked on.

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