Modern feminism – An independence war in shortage of weapons


No victorious war has been fought in lack of effective arms. What kinds of gun are available for modern feminists?

origami sword

Feminism is a real war of independence. The battlefields involve all aspects of life. Getting entitled to make some decisions marks the advancements. However, loud choirs of pretentious voices are yelling that their secondary gender status has not been abolished yet. The disappointed are arguing that this wider range of options favours only the men’s wishes. „Shorter skirts, additional consumers for cigarette industry and sexual libelisation are shere mock-measures.”

The doubters should be assured that women are fighting all over the world to demonstrate their being worthwhile. The artillery of young girls are fighting with their school achievements. Professional women are blowing up their mental capabilities to deserve a seat at brainstorming meetings. Housewives are firing the message that empowerment of women does not eliminate the vital social unit of families. Protestors are invading streets to give voice to their claims.

Can all this be enough to gain actual decision making positions? How could men  be forced to share the steering-wheel of our civilisation’s boat? How on earth to appeal to legislation when legislators should be legislated against? What else a woman can do in a society where wars have always been fought by means of bloodshed? Without real weapons they can rely only on the indulgeance of the male community.

The dubious should ignore the surface of make-ups and cigarette fumes. Don’t forget that the word feminism was first used only in 1837 by a French philosopher. As the saying goes what we do not have a word for does not exist. Modern woman is only starting to find their new identity.

My dear 20-year-old blogger fellow in India, don’t be disappointed. Do not complain about your peers for getting lost in the new range of choices. They are not the ones to be blamed.


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  1. Wonderful writing!
    I’m not disappointed in women feminist at all. I’m only a little dubious about the women who do not understand feminism fully, they think wearing a short skirt and slapping on a bright colored lipstick is enough, although there is nothing wrong in that, it is much more than that. I just think it creates unnecessary noise. That may potentially distract us and make the goal a little blurry.
    It is also not about blaming men and demanding them to make adjustments, remember we are fighting for the gender equality, not the oppression of men.
    My point is wear whatever you are comfortable in and not something you would imagine a “feminist” would wear, because we come in all shapes and sizes. Be true to yourself, that is important too.

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  2. One doesn’t have to belong to any specific group to be independent. They just have to rely more on themselves and find more strength within themselves which is actually the right way to be, I would say. It’s never so that we have lots of support around at any given time or moment, and deep inside we will be on our own anyway. We do experience things independently within ourselves, so the main thing is to also think, form conclusions and decisions based on what you believe in and not what somebody tries to convince you about.
    I’ve never understood the division in specific groups because, generally speaking, we are all humans with plenty of personal features. Should these features be categorized strictly? I don’t think so. Fighting for rights is just simply trying to give everybody a voice: it doesn’t matter whether it is a child, a woman, a man, a vegetarian, a diabetic, somebody who suffers from cancer or other disease: we are all humans.
    I’ve never been either feminist, or patriot of some other group. I’m just really independent in what I think and believe in. Somebody who never goes with the stream.
    Your post is very interesting! It provokes thoughts.

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    • I agree with you. However, throughout the history hierarchs have always come up with theories beyond question to justify their power. It is hard to communicate when the related negatiations are fully blocked. “Because I said so.”

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  3. It still amazes me how gender inequality continues to exist… it’s like time is moving extra-slow when it comes to this particular aspect of life. I’m suiting up with armor to face the rest of the day

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    • To be noted that the term DEMOCRACY first appeared in ancient Greek political thought in the city-state of Athens during classical antiquity (more than 2,000 years ago) . In contrast the term feminism appeared in the XIX century.

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  4. My motto has always been “Never depend on a man ” and that’s what I have done all my life. And I am married 48 years, but I do what I want !! I think the world would be much better if all politicians would be replaced by women ! There is also a big difference between females and women ! Females want to depend on men, while women have their own character !

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  5. Loved your writing! Couldn’t agree more, and I liked that you mentioned how recent the term ‘feminism’ really is. I know this is quite cheeky, but I recently wrote a post of the usage of the word ‘c*nt’? If you wouldn’t mind and have the time, any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you and keep writing 😊

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