I have got STUCK at the age of 34. Is THIS THE LIFE I have been struggling for? Although finally leading a mortgage-free life as a female banker in Europe, the answer is a NO.  I am trying to find something (or rather anything) to reignite myself. A better-balanced prioritising system is needed to live MY life according to MY priorities which are definitely NOT the freedom to spend money on stuff.


Not only my stuff but my thoughts should also be decluttered.



  1. I’ve tried to declutter many times. I’ve come to the realization that the little widget that you haven’t had a need for over a decade, will become needed shortly after it’s gone. But, I persist in my quest. 🙂

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  2. Hello. Some of us have so much stuff we don’t know what to do with it. We don’t have to buy certain things. Too much money is wasted. Take care.

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  3. Hi there

    Welcome to the world of blogging! I can relate to your post in a lot of ways. I am very interested in minimalism and have made a start on becoming minimalist. You should check out two books by Marie Kondo – “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “spark Joy”. These will help you a lot. It is amazing how getting rid of clutter can improve your life (and mind) dramatically and make space for new things to arrive in your life. When you clear out you realise what is important to you. Another good tip is to sit down and brain storm about the things you used to love as a child, things which gave you a ‘spark’ . These things often get forgotten in the busyness of life but they are often very important as they were choices you made when you were carefree (hopefully).

    I am also a new blogger (just completed my about page) and my blog is about areas of my life in which I wish to improve. Minimalism will certainly be featured at some point. Good luck with your blog.




  4. I believe you might also find that , because of our current state of mind, reading a book again later on will give you insights or confirmation of things you may have not grasped the first time… we are not always ready for the full story a book has to tell when we actually read it.

    All life is a journey but some places we pass are worth returning to and visiting again with more experience! 😉



    • Indeed. Nowadays, I have re-read some former set books, 15 years after the first meeting. As a young adult, I have a totally different world-view now and interpretation of books. I think that a certain amount of time should elapse to have other views. 🙂 I can not store my books so long 🙂
      Actually I should buy ebooks instead of paper books.

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  5. As for the declutter – i think that can be a great idea. Starting afresh with a ‘clean slate’ could lead to great and exciting things – trouble is none of us can completely wipe our slate clean or stop outside influences marking it in ways we might not choose if left entirely to our own devices. Watch out for those unseen forces! 🙂


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